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"I have always lived in Flushing from Colombian parents," says Carlos Bustamante, a multifaceted young man who has worked in different companies, from restaurants to mortgage insurance salesman.

"I grew up with my mother and she is the inspiration for everything I have achieved in my life. When I was little, I saw her go to work in Manhattan and come home late," Bustamante recalls today, to a At a very young age, he has his own business that has been in existence for more than a decade, E-Z Tax Services of New York, Inc.

"I had my first job at the age of 17, I worked in a law office, here my boss was in real estate. When I graduated I went to St. John's University in Queens, where I studied politics and government While I was working, I went to my mother's and my aunts' business, U.S. Tax Services, at night. That's where I started my client base," adds this lover of customer service.

When he talks about his family, he confesses that taking risks was inherited from his father. "From my father I inherited the risk, not thinking about things and doing them, but because of my mother I stop more. My father was a great influence in my life too, he had a Gift Shop, he sold it, then he bought a building. A he didn't like working for anyone and I've always seen that," he says.

Not only did he work in different disciplines, but he did an internship in Hillary Clinton's office when she was a senator in New York. "That's where I learned about the word. I worked with the team leader, Rose Rodríguez. When I wanted to earn more money, I helped my father in the food business. My father founded the Gallo Tropical restaurant. I think this experience was excellent because I interact with all kinds of Latinos, the ones who served, cleaned and cooked," she recalls.

Bustamante likes to connect with his roots and his people. He sees the business potential that exists among young Latino entrepreneurs, and even considers entering Queens politics. Since he opened his business, thanks to the savings he was able to gather while working serving food or in a sales office, this young man of Colombian origin has not stopped.

"It was a group of my waiter friends at the restaurant in the Americana Mall who helped me raise the money for my own business. I was able to raise $10,000 and here I am as the owner of a small establishment that is going to grow very successfully," concludes.

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