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In our course you will learn:

Part I

¡Discover everything about the most common forms when preparing a tax return!

Forms: W2, 1040, 1098, 1099,1099B, 1099G, Schedule-A, Schedule-C, Schedule-E.

Part II

¡Learn about the most common credits and deductions you can apply on your tax return!

Credits: W2, 1040, 1098, 1099,1099B, 1099G, Schedule-A, Schedule-C, Schedule-E.

Deductions: EIC (Earned income credit), American oportunity credit, Child tax credit, Child & dependant care expences.

Time and place:

Tuesday and Wednesday
7pm - 9pm

The course will be taught from the EZ-TAX virtual classroom.

¡We wait for you!

Whether you're new to tax or looking to hone your skills, our course will give you the confidence and competence to manage your tax affairs effectively, helping you secure a brighter, worry-free financial future.

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In our course to learn how to file taxes, we will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to confidently navigate the complicated world of taxation.

Whether you are an individual looking to maximize your personal deductions or a professional aspiring to become a tax expert, our program will give you a solid understanding of tax laws, tax planning strategies, and filing accurate tax returns. and effective.